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Liquid silicone is a silicone material with low viscosity and “liquid” properties, which allows the material to flow through the injection molding machine. The LSR injection molding process is similar to plastic injection molding, but the properties of silicone rubber are retained after the product is cured.

LSR molded parts are odorless and tasteless. It can provide an excellent temperature range of -100°C to 200°C, tear resistance, water and oil resistance, and resistance to electrical resistance. It is also chemically inert, hypoallergenic, resistant to bacterial and mold growth, flame retardancy and vibration absorption.

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Liquid Silicone Rubber is a non-toxic, heat-resistant, and flexible thermosetting material with high resilience. Its rheological behavior is mainly manifested in low viscosity, fast curing, shear thinning and high thermal expansion coefficient.

LSR is a two-liquid rapid vulcanization material with platinum as a catalyst. It can be produced by injection molding, mass, rapid vulcanization, and repetitive mechanical production. Its products are characterized by good thermal stability, cold resistance, excellent electrical insulation properties, and no toxic substances will be produced during combustion.

Therefore, it has become an irreplaceable material in the production design of health products, automobiles, baby products, medical products, diving products, kitchen utensils, and seals.

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With solid rubber molding technology, solid rubber products can be designed, developed, and produced according to product characteristics; widely used in large-scale shipbuilding industry, sealing equipment, sheaths and other products; various synthetic rubbers: such as EPDM, CR, NR , NBR and other materials meet the harsh conditions such as weather resistance, oil resistance, and corrosion resistance of the product under various conditions; We have a professional mold design team to provide you with the most professional design suggestions and advice, ensuring smooth development of your plastic or rubber molds. Consumer health and food: Contact skin applicator Bakeware Kitchenware Baby bottle parts Breast pump medical insurance: Skin contact equipment Flow control valve Syringe stopper Connector and cap Medical tube Infusion Pump Pull ring Gaskets and seals Electronics and industrial applications:Two-color shell roller Smart watch wristband, children’s smart bracelet Washers and rubber seals .Automotive applications: Plastic encapsulated products Car grommet O-ring Backflow valve Air conditioning flaps Bellows gasket. Liquid silicone production capacity: Liquid silicone mold Liquid silicone injection molding Overmold Two-shot injection molding Multiple injection molding.