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Our custom rubber molding manufacturing service enables us to produce custom parts according to your exact specifications. In order to replace existing rubber parts, we can produce rubber molded parts according to 3D drawings or existing samples. Alternatively, we can assist in the design of new parts and material selection and the mold forming process. With more than 10 years of experience, our experienced staff can ensure that you always get the best shape. This gives you peace of mind, because the rubber part is tailored to your application and working environment.

We provide a variety of customized rubber molding functions. It also includes customized silicone products, such as kitchen supplies, automotive supplies, medical products and sports products, shock-absorbing rubber parts, etc. Some of the molded parts we most commonly require include: rubber products on automobiles, rubber bushings, Washers, hydraulic rubber seals, and rubber glued to the metal bracket.

silicone Rubber products

Providing LSR and solid silicon injection mold solution, including CRB injection mold,transfer mold,compression mold,vacuum compression mold etc.and silicon rubber hydraulic press machinery solution.